Meanderings of a Rabbi in Mexico

Over the last few years, I found myself traveling to Mexico for Destination Jewish and Interfaith weddings more and more often. It seemed like every time I turned around my wife Annette was dropping me at FLL (Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport) and I was off to Cancun. There was more and more need for a modern, progressive Rabbi for Jewish and Interfaith Weddings in Riviera Maya, the area from Cancun to Tulum. We began to vacation in Cancun and become familiar with the area as to housing, shopping, health care and more. I also felt that as a Rabbi, I could be of great service to the Jewish and Interfaith couples wanting a destination personalized wedding ceremony, officiated by a Rabbi without the myriad of expenses incurred by bringing one in from the USA or Canada. So, we began the process of moving and by December 24, 2012, we had packed some belongings, that we dropped at Hyde Shipping, delivered our car to them at Port Everglades and flew to Cancun. I may, along the way, share some of the trials and tribulations, but overall a great move and truly an adventure.

Living in Playa del Carmen is wonderful. The first months have flown by and this month, July is amazing. The first week was unusual and I loved it and all the couples. I had a wedding on the 1st, the 4th, and two on the 6th. The wedding on the 4th was unique as they had been married for 32 years. A touching story that I’ll talk about in the next blog, but for now Shabbat Shalom, and stay tuned in. The story of a modern, liberal Rabbi moving from South Florida to Riviera Maya, Mexico is just beginning.

About rabbisteve

An ordained Rabbi, not affiliated with any denomination who does Jewish or interfaith weddings anywhere as well as all other life cycle events
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