How Did I get Here ?

     Although my intent is to “journal” my current life as a modern, progressive Rabbi, officiating Jewish and Interfaith weddings in Mexico, I thought perhaps a little background on how I got here might be in order, as well as it being a way to thank some people who influenced me.

     It seems like yesterday (it’s years) that Cantor Debbi Ballard a/k/a MyPersonalCantor, emailed me to ask if I was available for a wedding a particular week-end.  I replied that I was and she put me in touch with a couple who were planning their wedding in Mexico and so began the transition from South Florida independent Rabbi for life-cycle events to Destination Wedding Rabbi.  The couple informed me that their wedding was at a Riviera Maya Resort but they were using an outside wedding planner and coordinator; enter the next influence in the person of Denise Courtney, who with her husband Sergio have become great friends.  After a few wedding trips to Mexico, Denise said it would be nice for me to meet this former New Yorker who developed properties in Playa del Carmen and she arranged for me to meet and have lunch with Playa del Carmen’s most ardent fan and the developer of a variety of properties, Jack Perlman.  Jack became an instant friend, advisor and supporter.  On a subsequent trip, he spent an entire day with my wife, Annette and me showing us very inch of Playa del Carmen, called just “Playa” by locals and convincing us it truly was the only place to live.  “Just feel the vibes, feel the energy”, I believe he said !!!  I shall be forever grateful to Jack for his influence and assistance in my move to Playa. 

About rabbisteve

An ordained Rabbi, not affiliated with any denomination who does Jewish or interfaith weddings anywhere as well as all other life cycle events
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